BFC Professional, v. 7.5

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The Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC) extends Microsoft's Visual Studio development environment, providing ASP.NET and Windows programmers with middleware for rapidly building reliable, high-performance database applications. Security components control who is allowed to view sensitive data or perform restricted operations. BFC supports distributed computing on Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Sybase, and MySQL databases and is uniquely suited to data-intensive processing.

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You get the full source code and can build applications that support an unlimited number of users.

BFC is a comprehensive application development framework that has customizable components with plenty of code samples and Wizards to get you started. Use it to build and administer secure, database-driven web applications with unprecedented ease. BFC simplifies application development by attending to such important details as error handling and diagnostic facilities, data validation, referential constraints, security, buffering, index utilization, transactional consistency and recovery, building and processing SQL statements, selective use of low-level APIs, and network communications.

BFC also includes unique facilities for batch processing services, queuing, and database command scripting, for building scalable, high performance, distributed processing systems. With the versatility of BFC's consistent API, your applications can be written in a mix of C#, VB, Visual C++, ASP.NET, and SQL, and then deployed in desktop, web server, multi-processor application server implementations using a single, common body of source code.

BFC Features:

  • Build efficient, secure .NET database applications more easily with BFC

  • BFC Command Processor
    Run complex scripts that include SQL, DOS, and Windows commands. For creating, maintaining, loading and unloading large databases

  • BFC Scroll Cache
    For paging, browsing, and skipping through very large result sets efficiently. Automatically forces index searches and avoids inefficient sorts

  • BFC Data Dictionary
    Describes record layouts and indexes, for validation and performance optimizations

  • BFC distributed batch processing services
    Database-driven grid and cluster computing

  • Base One Grid Computing Architecture
    Loosely coupled services that use database transaction processing to insure reliable communication

  • BFC High Performance Queuing

  • MFC and BFC Application Framework

  • Many successful projects, including: Deutsche Bank, Marsh, Competitive Media Reporting, HP

  • Wikipedia article on BFC

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"BFC is probably the most solid and powerful .NET database class library on the market and I plan to continue developing with it ...Thanks to BFC, it took only one week to build a working prototype. ... The technical support of Base One is excellent."

Gerhard Triebold, Lead Developer, Triaton GmbH, an HP company

"We needed a tool that would allow us to quickly and simply create a payroll system with dozens of screens and maintenance routines. We found BFC [Base/1 Foundation Component Library] and have been thrilled with the results. Using the BFC classes helped to make the development of multi-page maintenance routines simple and bulletproof."

John Lapenta, Director of Development, Entel Systems

"I just got the Base One Programmer’s reference. Wow! I’m very impressed by the depth of this documentation. I particularly like the class overviews which give a concise summary of what each class does. Kudos to whoever worked on these docs."

Mark Mahin, Consulting Software Developer, Marsh & McLennan

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