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More Martial Arts and Tai Chi Videos

Instruction and practical demonstrations from masters From: Essential Sports and Fitness Video Channel

Here are videos from more great martial artists. This channel includes the full contents of the DVDs that contain these clips.

Martial Arts: The Real Story - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Army Rangers train in Gracie family jiu jitsu

Matt Larsen instructs Army Rangers in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Army Rangers train in Gracie-style Brazilian jui jitsu at Fort Benning, GA. Instructor Staff Sergeant Matt Larsen explains how learning hand-to-hand combat helps to develop fighting strategy, a vital battlefield skill.

From: Pacific Street Films (DVD) (00:03:51)

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Martial Arts: The Real Story - Savate with Nicolas Saignac

Savate combines the kicks of Chinese martial arts and English boxing

Nicolas Saignac practicing savate with trainer

This segment explores the origin and development of Savate (French kickboxing). It features Nicolas Saignac, a French Cup Champion, who teaches in the Los Angeles California area. We learn about Professor Saignac's early training and fights in France and the need to overcome fear and gain confidence.

From: Pacific Street Films (DVD) (00:03:06)

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Martial Arts: The Real Story - full contents of the DVD

More martial arts videos from Pacific Street Films

Lawrence Tan striking to the head

"Martial Arts: The Real Story" is from a special that originally aired on the Learning Channel. It explores the roots deep in the past of different systems, developed through centuries of experience in life and death struggles. There are videos of world-renowned martial artists and interviews with experts whose research sheds light on an often murky and misunderstood world and unearths some fascinating and long forgotten stories.

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Ken Van Sickle's Yang Sword Form with Tassle

How the tassle adds to Tai Chi Sword Form training

Ken Van Sickle doing the Tai Chi Sword Form showing tassle

As he goes through the Tai Chi sword form, Master Ken Van Sickle explains the point of using the tassle with the sword. When the sword form is done correctly, the tassle won't slap your wrist, get tangled, or hang limp, and doing the form (and fencing) with a tassle is an advanced technique for further improving Tai Chi skill.

From: Ken Van Sickle and Joseph Zeisky (Feather Sword DVD) (00:02:16)

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The "Constant Sword" Exercise

For loosening the shoulders, elbows, and wrists, while strengthening the body

Ken Van Sickle showing Constant Sword exercise with the Tai Chi Sword

Master Ken Van Sickle shows a practical exercise for speeding up sword movement and increasing its power while staying relaxed and fluid.

From: Ken Van Sickle and Joseph Zeisky (Feather Sword DVD) (00:00:33)

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Ken Van Sickle's Tai Chi Sword Form and Exercises - full DVD

More videos from a senior instructor of Cheng Man-Ching's Sword Form

Ken Van Sickle doing Tai Chi Sword Form

Master Ken Van Sickle is a leading expert in the Yang Sword Form. He studied Tai Chi Chuan with Professor Cheng Man-Ching for eight years and was his primary photographer and cinematographer. An experienced martial artist, who studied saber fencing, was an expert marksman with pistol and rifle, and had awards in archery and Goju karate, Master Van Sickle was a certified teacher for Professor Cheng until his death in 1975 and opened his own school in 1980.

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Balance Disruption Workshop

Demonstrates ways to cause an opponent to lose their balance

Mike Casto demonstrates disrupting balance

Guru Mike Casto teaches and shows the techniques for disrupting an opponent's balance. He explains the use of imaginary triangles to determine how to direct a small amount of force to cause a major loss of stability. Through examples ranging from simple take-downs to pushes and leg sweeps, Guru Mike illustrates basic principles and moves that can be incorporated into any martial art.

From: Mike Casto (DVD) (00:20:02)

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Mike Casto's Martial Arts Videos - full contents of the DVD

More videos showing balance disruption and Filipino techniques

Mike Casto demonstrating balance disruption

Guru Mike Casto is a senior instructor in Filipino and Indonesian martial arts, including Eskrima (7th Degree Black Belt), Kali, Pencak Silat, and Sikal. He specializes in teaching joint locks and balance disruption.

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More great martial arts and Tai Chi videos to come!