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William C. C. Chen's Tai Chi Long Form Videos

Traditional Yang-Style Tai Chi Chuan Long Form From: Essential Sports and Fitness Video Channel

The Yang Long Form is a direct descendant of the soft style Tai Chi form developed by Yang Chengfu (1883 - 1936), who trained Professor Cheng Man-Ching, who in turn trained Grandmaster William C. C. Chen. The Yang-style traces its roots to Yang Luchan (1799 - 1872).

Yang Long Form - front view

132 movements of Tai Chi Chuan

William Chen Waving Hands in the Clouds

While the Tai Chi Long Form has a few moves that are not in the Short Form, the main difference is the repetition of important moves in different contexts. Chen Man Ching created the short form based on his modified version of this original long form. William Chen has made adjustments to both forms and has mostly emphasized the short form (which takes about 8 minutes to do), with occasional advanced classes in the long form (which takes about 20 minutes.). This video gives the Chinese name for each move, followed by its English equivalent.

From: William C. C. Chen (Long Form DVD) (00:20:47)

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Yang Long Form - with hints (from behind)

132 movements of Tai Chi Chuan

William Chen Long Form punch

This video, with a view from the back, includes instructional hints and counts out the steps of each movement.

From: William C. C. Chen (Long Form DVD) (00:20:08)

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