About Content Galaxy

At Content Galaxy, we believe there has to be a better way of making money from video than advertising and there should be a way to make sure that everyone involved is fairly compensated. Advertising seldom generates sufficient revenues and always degrades the user experience.

What’s needed is a way to combine valuable content from many sources, while assuring that every contributor can count on fair payment. At the same time, you need to make it painless for people to pay for this content and see it as a compelling offer. We believe that Content Galaxy’s platform achieves this goal, and it represents a practical solution to the general problem of commerce in digital content.

Who are we and how we got here

Content Galaxy was founded in 2008 to develop this new kind of publishing platform. The basic idea is to provide a trustworthy financial service that allows independent content owners to combine related digital content into affordable channels. The service guarantees all contributors get paid fairly – based on actual subscriber usage.

Content Galaxy’s founders are senior developers who worked together at Base One International Corporation since they founded it in 1993. Base One specialized in building large-scale web and corporate financial applications in New York City. Until its closing in 2014, the company produced its own line of developer tools and provided consulting services related to developing “software-as-a-service” applications. Our customers included the U.S. Government, Deutsche Bank, Marsh, dealertrack.com, Fidelity Information Services, sendwordnow.com, HP, and ManTech Gray Hawk Systems.

Base One sold a collection of reusable software components for building high performance, enterprise-class database applications. Our company held U.S. patents on its technologies for distributed computing and high-precision arithmetic. Despite years of continuous improvements, we saw firsthand how the movement to free software made it progressively harder to sell intellectual property on an item by item basis. As competitors began giving away their own software, we experienced the pain of rapidly declining sales.

That got us thinking about the potential of a new subscription model for channels that could have lots of related content, pulled together from many sources. We came to realize that there was a much better way to buy and sell digital content over the Internet. Then, from talking with potential customers and content providers, we concluded that video was the media that was most in need of this new kind of ecommerce service. In particular, we saw that no web platform was doing a good job of monetizing instructional, special interest, and news videos for their creators. And it was also obvious that free streaming plus advertising was not the answer for these valuable types of content.

So, the founders, along with other Base One’s employees, decided to design and build Content Marketplace Platform (CMP), which is the basis of Content Galaxy’s software infrastructure. We would build it on a shoe string, using our commercial programming tools. Work would be done in our spare time and in between consulting projects – without pay, in exchange for stock options in the new company. The team’s years of experience in designing and implementing secure, scalable financial systems would be instrumental in creating the new publishing platform.

To test the new platform and business model, we needed to create a real-world proof-of-concept channel. One of the company’s founders is a senior student of a world famous Tai Chi master, William C. C. Chen. We explained to him that we wanted to build a well-edited, inexpensive channel for pooling together the best paid Tai Chi and martial arts content from all styles. He was kind enough to agree to be our first content provider, and we added his commercial DVDs and private video collection as the first entries in our first video streaming channel.

How Content Galaxy makes video streaming profitable