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"I have practised Tai Chi for over 15 years initially with Master Chen. His videos and your others allow me to practice and learn when I am unable to join a class which is often. A valuable bargain. Thank you "

David Killebrew, Newport, RI

"Content Galaxy has been a fabulous resource for many of the people I play with. I recommend it to all my students and to all the people with whom I push hands. It is an easy way to review Master William Chen’s ideas and exercises. ... It also brings examples of Professor Cheng and Dr Tao; to show tai chi students a variety of expressions of tai chi chuan’s basic principles. Content Galaxy provides these all in one place. Every student of Professor Cheng Man Ching’s tai chi could benefit from using this."

Michael Krubiner, Los Angeles, CA

"The footage of Master Chen punching is priceless!! "

Jeremy Bacon, New York, NY

"I have taught Tai Chi Chuan for over 60 years and have more than two hundred affiliate schools around the globe. I was glad to have been Content Galaxy's first content provider and have recommended to all my students and teachers that they participate. We earn income from people who watch my videos starting from my web site and from affiliate web sites."

William C. C. Chen, New York, NY

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Grandmaster Chen was the youngest student of the legendary Cheng Man-Ching, living with him for over two years, participating in special internal energy training and studying advanced push hands techniques. Besides helping you understand the health and relaxation basics of the Tai Chi form, these videos of Grandmaster Chen offer glimpses into his specialty, teaching the connection between the Tai Chi movements and achieving great speed and power for self defense.

William C. C. Chen's Tai Chi Videos

Instruction and practical demonstrations from a grandmaster From: Essential Sports and Fitness Video Channel

This is the largest collection of videos on the web of William C. C. Chen in action, and it includes 3 of his DVDs, along with extensive private recordings of his classes and workshops. (With a subscription you can view these and all the other videos on this channel.)

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Full contents of the Tai Chi Body Mechanics DVD

Videos showing principles of the form, push hands, and boxing

William Chen teaching Tai Chi Form

Watch all the videos on Grandmaster Chen's "Body Mechanics" DVD, along with the latest information, which he continuously adds with each new workshop. Learn about the internal principles behind the Yang Tai Chi Form and advanced push hands and relaxation techniques. He shows how these principles extend to generating high speed punches and producing greater power with less work. You'll see why "Inside Kung-Fu" magazine considers him to be "one of the finest and most influential traditional internal stylists of his generation".

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Full contents of the Yang-Style Short Form DVD

Videos showing Grandmaster Chen's Yang Tai Chi Short Form

William Chen doing Short Form

Grandmaster Chen goes through the Yang Style Short Form step-by-step, from multiple perspectives, narrating different aspects. His form is based closely on the Tai Chi form developed by his teacher, Cheng Man-Ching. It is slow, gentle, even flowing and relaxing. He teaches coordinating the movements with deep, relaxed breathing, which promotes circulation, improves oxygen distribution, and enhance the body's healing systems.

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Connecting Push Hands to Tai Chi Principles

How softness, yielding, and relaxation can overcome force

William Chen teaching push hands

We see Grandmaster Chen teaching students how to relax and yield to avoid being pushed. He demonstrates the difference between "energy pushing" and pushes that come from tensing the muscles of the arms and legs. Many of his students have become national and international push hands champions, and these videos offer deep insight into the connection between the Tai Chi form and effective push hands.

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Tai Chi Chuan Secrets of Fast, Powerful Punches

Videos showing Grandmaster Chen teaching how to punch

William Chen shows Sword Form

Grandmaster Chen has trained world-champion martial artists, police, military hand-to-hand combat instructors, and professional boxers. In these exclusive videos, he offers the most detailed instruction on punching techniques available anywhere. As he makes clear to his advanced students, there is no special (or magical) Tai Chi punch. Punches are either effective or they aren't, and the principles of Tai Chi are directly relevant to delivering the fastest and strongest punches.

In a couple of the clips, he does his famous "banana punch", hitting a punching bag while holding a banana in each hand. He explains that the fist never needs to be clenched, either while doing the Tai Chi form or while strking.

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Full contents of the Yang-Style Long Form DVD

Videos showing Grandmaster Chen's traditional Tai Chi Long Form

William Chen doing Long Form

The Yang Long Form is a direct descendant of the soft style Tai Chi form developed by Yang Chengfu (1883 - 1936), who trained Grandmaster Cheng Man Ching, who in turn trained Grandmaster William Chen. The Yang-style traces its roots to Yang Luchan (1799 - 1872), and this was an offshoot of the oldest style, the Chen-style, founded by Chen Wangting (1580 - 1660). Many believe that the original inventor of Tai Chi was the legendary Chang San-Feng (Zhang Sanfeng), a monk and martial artist born some time between 960 and 1279.

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Full contents of the Yang-Style Sword Form DVD

Videos showing Grandmaster Chen's Yang Sword Form

William Chen shows Sword Form

The Yang Sword Form is an advanced martial arts exercise for wielding the double-edged straight Chinese sword. This was the weapon of choice for many famous generals and scholars. It lends itself naturally to the principles of Tai Chi because the blade is not designed to meet force with force.

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Martial Arts Application of Tai Chi Chuan

Videos showing the practical connection between Tai Chi and self defense

William Chen demonstrates jab and back fist to TV commentators

Grandmaster Chen has trained many champion martial artists. These videos shows how effective the relaxation and coordination promoted by Tai Chi can be for martial arts.

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William C. C. Chen's Tai Chi Articles

Connecting the internal principles of Tai Chi and practical self-defense

William Chen Yang Short Form Kick

In these articles Grandmaster Chen emphasizes the importance of relaxation and balance in creating speed and power. He explains why Tai Chi's deep diaphragmatic breathing, synchronized with soft slow movements, confers significant health benefits. He shows step-by-step applications of Tai Chi movements, and examines the special role that the fingers play in the Tai Chi form, in punching, in other sports, and in everyday activities.

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More Videos from senior students of Grandmaster Chen
Max Chen landing punch

Mixed Martial Arts Fights with Max Chen

Son of Tai Chi master applies training to no-holds barred sport

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Tiffany and William Chen with trophy

Tiffany Chen's Competitions and Fights

Daughter of Tai Chi master teaches Tai Chi and applies training

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Josh Waitzkin pushing hands

Josh Waitzkin's Push Hands Competitions

Chess master and student of Tai Chi master becomes world push hands champion

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Nils Klug and partner demonstrate Step Up, Deflect, Intercept and Punch Tai Chi application

Nils Klug Shows Applications of Yang Tai Chi Movements

Instructor demonstrates martial arts applications of Grandmaster Chen's Tai Chi form

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