"I have taught Tai Chi Chuan for over 60 years and have more than two hundred affiliate schools around the globe. I was glad to have been Content Galaxy's first content provider and have recommended to all my students and teachers that they participate. We earn income from people who watch my videos starting from my web site and from affiliate web sites."

William C. C. Chen, New York, NY

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Content Galaxy enables publishers to combine premium content into affordable, well-edited channels and pay providers and affiliates based on actual subscriber usage.

Tai Chi and martial arts videos from masters

Instructional and competition video from DVDs and private libraries

William Chen Yang Short Form Kick

For our first video channel, we've built a streaming channel for pooling together the best paid Tai Chi and martial arts content from all styles. When you subscribe to the channel, you get unlimited access to videos of Grandmaster William C. C. Chen, Professor Cheng Man-Ching, Dr. Ping-Siang Tao, and rare footage from Pacific Street Film's Learning Channel special on martial arts. We continuously add exclusive expert content and great moments to this inexpensive channel ($29.95 per year).

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Essential Software Library

Programming tools for software developers


We built this channel for our original proof-of-concept. It offers a collection of developer tools in source code form for web and Windows programming with Visual Studio. The components were used in building this web site, and the channel serves as a sample of downloading files (as opposed to streaming them).

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