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"Really enjoying the online videos recently released by William CC Chen. It is definitely worth paying and watching if you like tai chi chuan ... A ton of content on his version of training to throw punches and use of whole body power with Taiji principles. ... There is some additional content too with subscription: Cheng Man Ching teaching in NY videos, Dr. Ping-Siang Tao teaching and demo clips, Tiffany Chen fight videos, Max Chen fight videos, Josh Waitzkin push hands competition videos. "

Rum Soaked Fist, Internal Martial Arts Forum

"Having complete DVDs on your channel is a big help. I was learning the sword form from a DVD also on your site, but it got lost when I moved and now it's pretty expensive. Please keep up the valuable service you provide for us Taiji players."

Jeffrey Robbins,
Chevy Chase, MD

"A veritable Tai Chi candy store! So much great footage of Prof. Cheng Man-Ching. Your site is becoming an invaluable library. "

Timothy Pitt, Putnam Valley, NY

"Great site to learn tai chi. I study with Grandmaster Chen in NYC and find your site an excellent resource for self-study. I am also excited to explore the videos of Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing. I marveled to discover Dr. Ping-Siang Tao's Solo Push Hands Drill video."

Heather Waters, Ridgewood, NY

"I have taught Tai Chi Chuan for over 60 years and have more than two hundred affiliate schools around the globe. I was glad to have been Content Galaxy's first content provider and have recommended to all my students and teachers that they participate. We earn income from people who watch my videos starting from my web site and from affiliate web sites."

William C. C. Chen, New York, NY

Editor's note: Since I was teenager, I've been studying Tai Chi Chuan and martial arts with one of Professor Cheng Man-Ching's best known students, Grandmaster William C. C. Chen. When I explained to him about wanting to build a well-edited, inexpensive video streaming channel for pooling together the best paid Tai Chi and martial arts content from all styles, he was kind enough to be the first to contribute his commercial DVDs and private video collection. (S. Asherman)

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We're continuously adding expert content and rare competition footage to this channel. These are the kind of in-depth video clips that you'll want to watch many times because of their great instructional value. Check us out on Facebook to see what we've added recently.

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient martial art system for health and self-defense, promoting spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

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Featured channel: Tai Chi and Martial Arts Videos

Exclusive instructional and competition videos from experts

Our first video streaming channel pools together some of the best paid Tai Chi and martial arts content from all styles. When you subscribe to the channel, you get unlimited access to videos of Grandmaster William C. C. Chen, Professor Cheng Man-Ching, Dr. Ping-Siang Tao, and rare footage from Pacific Street Film's Learning Channel special on martial arts. A subscription includes entire DVDs and videos from private collections not available elsewhere.

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A subscription includes all the videos below:

William C. C. Chen teaching the basics of Tai Chi

William Chen teaching Tai Chi form

Watch all 14 chapters of Grandmaster Chen's "Body Mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan" DVD. Learn about the principles behind the Yang Form, advanced relaxation and push hands techniques, and how to generate greater power and speed with less work. See why "Inside Kung-Fu" magazine termed him "one of the finest and most influential traditional internal stylists of his generation".

Click to see the Body Mechanics DVD videos.

Cheng Man-Ching teaching the Yang Tai Chi Short Form

Cheng Man Ching showing Yang short form position

Our channel has the complete Tai Chi Form instruction DVD (created from the Cheng Man-Ching “Master Tapes”), along with the largest collection of videos of the legendary Professor in action. The slow, gentle, even flowing, Yang Style Short Form developed by Professor Cheng has become the most popular style of Tai Chi. It has an excellent reputation for stress reduction, health improvement, and self centering.

Click to see Cheng Man-Ching's Yang Short Form videos.

William Chen giving detailed Short and Long Form instruction

William Chen form on split screen

We launched this channel with two DVDs of Grandmaster William C. C. Chen doing the Yang Short Form and the traditional Long Form, step-by-step. We see him doing the forms from different perspectives (front view, from behind, split screen, with breathing) and including helpful hints.

Click for Master Chen's Tai Chi Form videos.

Cheng Man-Ching teaching Tai Chi push hands

Cheng Man-Ching pushing hands

Watch the complete, superb, Push Hands DVD created from the Cheng Man-Ching “Master Tapes”. The Professor was known for his relaxed and soft style of push hands, along with his powerful pushes. He demonstrates how certain positions leave the pusher vulnerable to high speed, martial arts attacks and emphasizes lightness, relaxation, and positioning to cover any threat - without blocking.

Click to see Professor Cheng Man-Ching's push hands videos.

Ping-Siang Tao teaching push hands and Tai Chi form

Dr. Ping-Siang Tao pushing

We’ve been lucky to obtain two rare DVDs of Dr. Ping-Siang Tao teaching push hands and doing the Yang Tai Chi Short Form. He explains how "yielding while controlling" is key to making push hands effective as martial arts training. Dr. Tao, a senior student of Cheng Man-Ching and classmate of William C. C. Chen's, was renowned for his mastery of push hands. He travelled the world giving workshops and was known as the “Master of the Soft Way”.

Click to see Dr. Tao's push hands videos.

William Chen connects push hands to Tai Chi principles

William Chen teaching Tai Chi push hands

Grandmaster Chen demonstrates the difference between "energy pushing" and pushes that come from tensing the muscles of the arms and legs. He shows how to uproot an opponent, how to disappear under a push (without injuring your back), how to resist by sinking down instead of using muscles to push back, and how to drag down a person who is pushing by their arm.

Click for Master Chen's push hands videos.

Tuishou Chen Chi-Cheng championship push hands

Tuishou Chen pushing

We've added exclusive videos of world push hands champion Tuishou Chen. There's surprising little on the web about him. He's mainly competed in the Far East, and he traces his Tai Chi lineage and Yang style through his father to Cheng Man-Ching. He's a modest guy, a junior high teacher in Taiwan. Yet he's been unbeaten in world championships since 2002! There's extraordinary footage of Tuishou doing free-style pushing with four world champions, in turn.

Click to see Tuishou Chen's push hands videos.

Josh Waitzkin winning push hands championships

Josh Waitzkin pushing

Our channel has the only videos that document the brief but amazing, push hands career of Josh Waitzkin. A chess prodigy who won his first national chess championship at age 9, Josh studied Tai Chi under Grandmaster William C. C. Chen. During his short competitive career, he won 2 world and 13 national push hands championships. Exciting matches, fast action and spectacular takedowns.

Click to see Josh Waitzkin's push hands videos.

Josh Waitzkin's push hands training camp videos

Josh Waitzkin pushing hands with Daniel Caulfield

We’ve gotten exclusive access to videos of Josh Waitzkin’s push hands “training camp”. They show how the winning U.S. team from Grandmaster William C. C. Chen’s School of Tai Chi Chuan trained for national and world championships. The sessions have drills, relaxed two-man exercises, and plenty of fine push hands (shown here with training partner Daniel Caulfield, also a push hands champion).

Click to see Josh Waitzkin's push hands videos.

Cheng Man-Ching fencing and doing Tai Chi Sword Form

Cheng Man-Ching fencing with student in the park

Our video channel includes streaming the complete Tai Chi Sword DVD of the Cheng Man-Ching “Master Tapes”. Professor Cheng was a master of wielding the double-edged straight Chinese sword. We see the legendary master fencing and teaching the Yang Tai Chi Sword Form. As one his instructors puts it, Professor Cheng made fencing "look like a walk in the park" - with no one even coming close to scoring a touch.

Click to see Cheng Man-Ching's sword videos.

William Chen teaching the Tai Chi Sword Form

William Chen doing Sword Form

Our video channel includes the whole DVD of Grandmaster William C. C. Chen doing the Yang Sword Form, step-by-step. We see him doing the form from different perspectives (front view, from behind, split screen, with breathing). He was taught the form by Professor Cheng Man-Ching, who learned it from his teacher, Yang Chengfu.

Click for Master Chen's sword videos.

William Chen connects punching and Tai Chi principles

William Chen demonstrates punching while holding a banana in each hand

We've got exclusive videos of Grandmaster Chen teaching the secrets of fast, effective punching. His specialty is the connection between the movements of Tai Chi and achieving great speed and power in punches. "Inside Kung-Fu" magazine called him "among the world's foremost authorities on Tai Chi free fighting".

In a couple of the clips, he does his famous "banana punch", hitting a punching bag while holding a banana in each hand. He explains that the fist never needs to be clenched, either while doing the Tai Chi form or while strking.

Click for videos of Master Chen's how-to-punch classes.

Nils Klug shows applications of Yang Tai Chi moves

Nils Klug and partner demonstrate Step Up, Deflect, Intercept and Punch Tai Chi application

We’ve added enlightening videos from Nils Klug’s Tai Chi Applications DVD. A senior Tai Chi instructor trained by Grandmaster William C. C. Chen, Nils clarifies the mechanics and purpose behind each movement by going through the entire Yang Short Form with the help of a partner and adding scripted two-man martial arts exercises.

Click to see Nils Klug Tai Chi application videos.

Tiffany Chen's martial arts competitions and training

William Chen instructing Tiffany Chen in the jab

We’ve added videos of Tiffany Chen from her private collection. She is a senior instructor for her father, Grandmaster William C. C. Chen, at his Tai Chi school and has over 40 Gold Medals in push hands. One video shows her winning her world championship bout in Lei Tai (platform fighting) after pushing her opponent off the platform several times. There are illuminating clips of Grandmaster Chen training Tiffany to punch with power and create an impact.

Click to see the Tiffany Chen's videos.

Max Chen's martial arts competitions

Max Chen lands left cross

Our channel has exclusive videos of Max Chen from his private collection of MMA fights and push hands competitions. His kickboxing bouts have lots of action and a relaxed, smooth style, reflecting his years of Tai Chi training under his father, Grandmaster William C. C. Chen. (There's a good clip of Max sparring with him.) Max represented the USA at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and teaches Tai Chi and full-contact fighting.

Click for Max Chen's videos.

Learning Channel special on the origins of martial arts

Matt Larsen instructs Army Rangers in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Watch the full “Martial Arts: The Real Story” DVD from Pacific Street Films. Originally, it aired as a special on the Learning Channel. It explores the roots deep in the past of different systems, features a dozen world-renowned experts, and includes some early, never-before-seen footage.

Click to see Pacific Street Films' videos.

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