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Mike Casto's Martial Arts Videos

Senior instructor specializing in joint locks and balance disruption From: Essential Sports and Fitness Video Channel

Guru Mike Casto is a senior instructor in Filipino and Indonesian martial arts, including Eskrima (7th Degree Black Belt), Kali, Pencak Silat, and Sikal. He has a school in Sedona Arizona, and travels extensively giving workshops. In 2010, he was inducted into the Doce Pares Hall of Fame as "Outstanding Law Enforcement Instructor".

Balance Disruption Workshop

Demonstrates ways to cause an opponent to lose their balance

Mike Casto demonstrates disrupting balance

Guru Mike Casto teaches and shows the techniques for disrupting an opponent's balance. He explains the use of imaginary triangles to determine how to direct a small amount of force to cause a major loss of stability. Through examples ranging from simple take-downs to pushes and leg sweeps, Guru Mike illustrates basic principles and moves that can be incorporated into any martial art.

From: Mike Casto (DVD) (00:20:02)

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