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"Great site to learn tai chi. I study with Grandmaster Chen in NYC and find your site an excellent resource for self-study. I am also excited to explore the videos of Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing. I marveled to discover Dr. Ping-Siang Tao's Solo Push Hands Drill video."

Heather Waters, Ridgewood, NY

"A veritable Tai Chi candy store! So much great footage of Prof. Cheng Man-Ching. Your site is becoming an invaluable library. "

Timothy Pitt, Putnam Valley, NY

"Content Galaxy has been a fabulous resource for many of the people I play with. I recommend it to all my students and to all the people with whom I push hands. It is an easy way to review Master William Chen’s ideas and exercises. ... It also brings examples of Professor Cheng and Dr Tao; to show tai chi students a variety of expressions of tai chi chuan’s basic principles. Content Galaxy provides these all in one place. Every student of Professor Cheng Man Ching’s tai chi could benefit from using this."

Michael Krubiner, Los Angeles, CA

"Really enjoying the online videos recently released by William CC Chen. It is definitely worth paying and watching if you like tai chi chuan ... A ton of content on his version of training to throw punches and use of whole body power with Taiji principles. ... There is some additional content too with subscription: Cheng Man Ching teaching in NY videos, Dr. Ping-Siang Tao teaching and demo clips, Tiffany Chen fight videos, Max Chen fight videos, Josh Waitzkin push hands competition videos. "

Rum Soaked Fist, Internal Martial Arts Forum

"The footage of Master Chen punching is priceless!! "

Jeremy Bacon, New York, NY

"The site is great and has lots of stuff I've never seen before. ... Steven Asherman who created and maintains the site is a long time student of Grandmaster Chen. A cool recent addition is video of Cheng Man-Ching teaching push hands. More stuff is being added all the time. "

David Fisher, Bloomington, IN

"The clips are perfectly visible and will, I am sure, be very useful. Best wishes and may Content Galaxy flourish as it deserves! "

Merlin King Leigh, Sevilla, Spain

"Having complete DVDs on your channel is a big help. I was learning the sword form from a DVD also on your site, but it got lost when I moved and now it's pretty expensive. Please keep up the valuable service you provide for us Taiji players."

Jeffrey Robbins,
Chevy Chase, MD

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We're continuously adding expert content and rare competition footage to this channel. These are the kind of in-depth video clips that you'll want to watch many times because of their great instructional value. Check us out on Facebook to see what we've added recently.

Tai Chi and martial arts videos from masters

Instructional and competition video from DVDs and private libraries

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William C. C. Chen's Tai Chi Videos - full contents of DVDs

Videos of instruction and demonstrations from a grandmaster

William Chen Yang Short Form Kick

Grandmaster Chen is one of the world's preeminent teachers of Yang Tai Chi Chuan. He has over 200 affiliate schools with tens of thousands of students worldwide. When "Inside Kung-Fu" magazine inducted him into their Hall of Fame, it termed him "someone who will go down in history as one of the finest and most influential traditional internal stylists of his generation". He began his career as the youngest student of Professor Cheng Man-Ching, living with him for over two years, participating in special internal energy training and studying advanced push hands techniques.

Learn more about Grandmaster Chen's Tai Chi videos

Cheng Man-Ching's Tai Chi Videos - full contents of DVDs

Videos of push hands, Short Form (37 Postures), Sword Form, fencing

Cheng Man-Ching fencing with young woman

Professor Cheng Man-Ching was one of the most influential figures in the evolution of Tai Chi Chuan. Around 1930, he began studying with Yang Chengfu (1883 - 1936), a direct descendant of Yang Luchan (1799 - 1872), who founded Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan. Through changes he made to the Yang Forms and his training of many world-renowned masters, Professor Cheng played a pivotal role in improving and popularizing Yang-Style Tai Chi.

Learn more about Professor Cheng's Tai Chi Chuan videos and articles

Dr. Tao's Push Hands and Tai Chi Form - full contents of DVDs

Videos of a master demonstrating Tai Chi push hands principles

Dr. Ping-Siang Tao pushing

Dr. Ping-Siang Tao was a senior disciple of Professor Cheng Man-Ching and was renowned for his push hands expertise. Known as the "Master of the Soft Way", Dr. Tao travelled the world giving workshops, some of which have been preserved in these rare videos. His classes always included free-wheeling sessions in which Tai Chi practitioners tried (in vain) to push him.

Learn more about videos of Dr. Tao's push hands demonstrations

Tuishou Chen's Push Hands Competition and Training Videos

Videos of reigning world push hands champion in action

Josh Waitzkin pushing

Tuishou Chen Chi-Cheng has been the reigning world push hands champion for over a decade. This is the largest collection of videos of Tuishou Chen in action available anywhere on the web. Through his father, he traces his Tai Chi lineage and Yang style to the legendary Professor Cheng Man-Ching. Besides competions, there are revealing videos of Tuishou taking on four world champions, one after the other, in friendly, free-style push hands, with no rules.

Learn more about videos of Tuishou Chen's push hands competitions

Josh Waitzkin's Push Hands Competition and Training Videos

Videos of chess master becoming world Push Hands champion

Josh Waitzkin pushing

Josh Waitzkin studied Tai Chi under Grandmaster William C.C. Chen. During his short competitive career, he won 2 world and 13 national push hands championships. Josh is a chess prodigy who won his first national chess championship at age 9. The story of his early years was told in the film "Searching for Bobby Fischer" (Paramount Pictures 1993). He's the founder of an educational non-profit and written a well-received book that discusses Tai Chi and integrating performance psychology into the classroom.

Learn more about videos of Josh Waitzkin's push hands competitions

Martial Arts: The Real Story - full contents of the DVD

Martial arts videos from Pacific Street Films

Lawrence Tan striking to the head

"Martial Arts: The Real Story" is from a special that originally aired on the Learning Channel. It explores the roots deep in the past of different systems, developed through centuries of experience in life and death struggles. There are videos of world-renowned martial artists and interviews with experts whose research sheds light on an often murky and misunderstood world and unearths some fascinating and long forgotten stories.

Learn about the rest of Pacific Street Films's martial arts videos

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