Open source .NET programming tools

Essential Software Library is a collection of developer tools in source code form for web and Windows programming with Visual Studio. With an inexpensive subscription you can download all the products on this channel and build applications that support an unlimited number of users.

BFC Professional v. 7.5

Components used to build Content Galaxy's platform (CMP)


The Base One Foundation Component Library (BFC) extends Microsoft's Visual Studio development environment, providing ASP.NET and Windows programmers with middleware for rapidly building reliable, high-performance database applications. This web site and Content Galaxy's full Content Marketplace Platform (CMP) were created with BFC.

Security components control who is allowed to view sensitive data or perform restricted operations. BFC supports distributed computing on Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Sybase, and MySQL databases and is uniquely suited to data-intensive processing.

This comprehensive application development framework has customizable components with plenty of code samples and Wizards to get you started. It includes facilities for data dictionary, reporting, and numerous indispensable functions. Use BFC Professional to build and administer secure, database-driven web applications with unprecedented ease.

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Base One Number Class v. 7.4

Fix the loopholes in C++ high-precision arithmetic


Eliminate unacceptable rounding errors and destructive, high-order truncation. You can easily replace numeric datatype declarations (double, int, unsigned long) and gain efficient, high-precision arithmetic on numbers and fractions with up to 100 decimal digits. Includes C++ samples for STL (Standard Template Library) and MFC (Microsoft Foundation Class Library). Source is Windows, Unix and 64-bit ready. (U.S. Patent Number 6,384,748)

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B1Framework Professional v. 1.15

Experimental tools for database application development


B1Framework (B1F) is a collection of reusable .NET components for building web, back office, and desktop database applications. The common data access layer and other core parts of B1F make it easier to write high performance, database-agnostic programs, and they provide a solid foundation for developing scalable commercial services.

Based on Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 and Enterprise Library 5.0 Application Blocks, B1Framework adds indispensable components for database access, logging, validation, caching, exception management, and security.

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Content Galaxy

This web site and channel are a practical demonstration of what can be built with our core product, CMP (Content Marketplace Platform). CMP is a customizable software package for creating a large-scale, subscription-based, video streaming service. Introducing our video platform.