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William C. C. Chen's Tai Chi Articles

Connecting the internal principles of Tai Chi and practical self-defense

William Chen Yang Short Form Kick

Grandmaster Chen is one of the world's preeminent teachers of Tai Chi Chuan. He has over 200 affiliate schools, with tens of thousands of students worldwide, In these articles Grandmaster Chen emphasizes the importance of relaxation and balance in creating speed and power. He explains why Tai Chi's deep diaphragmatic breathing, synchronized with soft slow movements, confers significant health benefits. He shows step-by-step applications of Tai Chi movements, and examines the special role that the fingers play in the Tai Chi form, in punching, in other sports, and in everyday activities.

Grandmaster Chen's Tai Chi instruction articles

Robert Tilitz's Basketball Articles

New theory of jump shot techniques that maximize athleticism and power

Michael Jordan about to shoot basketball

Robert Tilitz, basketball innovator, theorist, and coach, explains "Power Shooting." He describes his "whole-body" jump shot, which merges the jump and the release of the jump shot in a way that can stand up to the physical demands of the strongside game. He shows how these techniques can give the best results for mid-range and post-up jump shots, long-range standing-start semi-jump shots, open shots and free throws.

Robert Tilitz's Power Shooting articles

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