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Channel: Sample Physical Therapy Videos

Physical Therapy Demo 1

Exercise for shoulder, external rotation:

  • Lie on your side, elbow bent to 90%
  • Put towel under the arm
  • Raise forearm towards the ceiling
  • 15 times, 2 sets

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Physical Therapy Demo 2

Balance board with ball toss:

  • Maintain balance on the board without touching the edges
  • Toss 15 times with catching

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Physical Therapy Demo 3

From: Gilbert B. Hammer

Hip adductor machine:

  • Position yourself so you feel a light stretch on the inner thighs
  • Slowly squeeze pads together and slowly release them
  • Set of 15

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Channel: Sample Music Videos from India

Mehbooba Mehbooba

This item is being used for TESTING and you may see a different video!

"Mehbooba mehbooba" means "lover lover" in Hindi. The video is done
in a classic Bollywood disco setting, with well known Indian stars. (Note that this is an old video used internally for testing, with very low audio and video quality and resolution.)

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Jana Gana Mana

"Jana Gana Mana" is the national anthem of India. This video starts
with an instrumental version, set in the mountains, and including classical Indian musical instruments. In the second half of the video
the national anthem is sung by well known Indian singers.

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